RDX - Round Floor to Ceiling Ball with Pro Rope

The RDX Cow Hide Leather Boxing Speed Double End Ball with rope is a Patent Pending product designed as the perfect training accessory for boxers, both amateur and professional alike. The exterior has been crafted from cowhide leather for maximum durability and ease of cleaning, while hand stitching ensures the ball won’t split during intense training sessions. This kit includes two bungee cords with adjustable blocks, along with the fixings required to install the product into your training area. This is the ultimate speedball, whether you’re looking to build your hand-eye coordination, or increase the speed of your blows.

  • Available in either white or yellow
  • Cowhide leather with built-in LII-T™ technology
  • Flextring™ cord allows for rapid movement to match your blows
  • Comes complete with the required fixings to install in your home gym
  • Ideal for boxers and MMA fighters alike


Brand RDX Sports
Shipping Weight 1.4300kg


By: on 12 May 2022
My last bag was from OPLIY, it was far more expensive yet a complete disappointment. the speed bag was not adjustable at all. Im tall and with its cords it seemed it was made for really short people or kids. Inspite of all the adjustments, the speed punchbag was positioned in the middle instead at eye level, had a tough time training with it. RDX B1 is is perfect in the sense that its very affordably priced, genuine leather layering which gives it the right weight and air pressure and best of all the elastic ropes are the adjustable kind. My boxing and martial arts training is back on track


By: on 12 May 2022
Installed it within minutes. The accessories are adjustable which helped me ensure above shoulder height and then anchored to a water-filled base i use for a reflex bag. the nylon straps on the speed ball help adjust height and tension. Movement of the dodge bag is perfect, I am using it with hand wraps as well as mitts, and both work great. Working out with it is addictive, whenever im home i keep walking over to punch it around.


By: on 12 May 2022
i have had double end dodge bags before also but this one takes the prize. The bag is perfectly layered with high quality leather so its great to punch while the elastic ropes dont give in too much, they stay in control and tight. You really get a great boxing or mma work out with this bag. Super easy to install as well.


By: on 12 May 2022
i share our home gym with my dad and brothers, according to them the double end speed ball feels solid, bounces nicely, and feels good on their knuckles. Why i like it? well it smells good, not like the cheap stuff you get sometimes. Also it was super easy to install and installed it successfully all on my own while everyone was out. Since it was my choice to buy this bag im really relieved that everyone is enjoying working out with it. I strongly recommend it as the perfect Christmas gift.


By: on 12 May 2022
I could not adjust the rope size at all, on hooking up it leveled with my belly instead of my head. They claim it can be adjusted, so i called the customer support and they were super helpful. Helped me figure out how to install it right, even sending me extra manual details. later on the head of customer support called personally to check if i was satisfied. What little resentment i felt over the difficult installation melted away after his call. Very good product for kich boxing, MMA and punch bag workouts in general and the service is exceptional.

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